Company profile


Quality policy

  • Creating Ability

    Acquire the capacity to create new values

  • Speed-up Ability

    Improve speed for every action and address appropriately

  • Finding out
    challenge Ability

    Clearly set a purpose or challenge before taking action.

  • Improvement

    Thoroughly investigate the root cause to avoid recurrence.

  • Kaizen Ability

    Continue and promote Kaizen Ability of KAWAKAMI.

ISO certified

The headquarters of Kawakami Co., Ltd. obtained “ISO 9001” in May, 2006.

Object standard
ISO 9001:2015 = JIS Q 9001:2015
Scope of application
Design / manufacturing , mounting / sales of items related to textile industry and precision equipment machinery.
Audit institution
United Kingdom Accreditation Service(UKAS)
Certification period
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