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Automatic spreading machine


Automatic spreading machine NK500

Automatic Inside-out one-way easy spreading device

Main applications

Standard equipment
LCD touch panel
Spreading length setting
Process ply setting
Spreading ply setting
Driven by invertor motor
6-step lay
Storage-recorded Input data
Automatic pitcher elevation device
Cutter reverse position setting
Extra-feed when cutting

Automatic Material-setting device
Automatic tension-adjustment device
Increase switch

Zig-Zag spreading
One-Way spreading
Face-to-face one way spreading
LCD monitor

Suitable material
Whole apparel-use material

Product features

Highly performance to electricity-saving as well as quality-management for all kinds of spreading process including Zig-Zag spreading , One-Way spreading, face-to-face one way spreading and so on.

High performance by PC-controlled system

LCD touch panel
Interactive operation on PC. Touch panel setting-procedures

Spreading-length setting
2 methods for choices : Teaching-Input method and number-data input method
Process ply number
Max. of 99 pcs.
Spreading ply number
Max. of 999 pcs.
8-step lay process
8-step spreading length and 8-kind of spreading pcs.number is programmed
Automatic pitcher elevation device
Possible to set up pitcher elevation to adjust to the material automatically
Reversable cutter position

Possible to adjust to the width of material
Extra-feeding of material before cutting
Relax the material and no tension occurs while cutting
Possible to adjust to the tension-free cutting process
Automatic setting
Automatic material setting to the cutting position while edge-alignment

Automatic rewinding system
Automatic speed-adjustment function
Tension-free spreading is realized by synchronization of operative speed to unwinding process and tension-control sensor

Increase switch
Feeding amount automatically-controlled for face-to-face spreading

Input data storage-recorded
Data backup even when shut down without being saved or sudden power failure

Automatic spreading machine NK500 Product features

Operative panel

All setting procedures for spreading process are conducted by interactive operation on touch panel display.
Faster than before on setting of spreading length / spreading pcs. Speed . Pitcher-up and so on.

Body specification



Material width


Table width

NK500CS-2:1830 mm over
NK500CS-3:1980 mm over
NK500CS-4:2180 mm over
NK500CS-5:2280 mm over
NK500CS-6:2380 mm over
NK500CS-7:2480 mm over
NK500CS-8:2580 mm over

Max. material roll diameter

450 mm

Max. material roll weight

60 kgs

Max. layer height

180 mm

Max. operative speed

80 m / min

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