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Automatic spreading machine


Automatic spreading machine NK390

Operative side is changeable according to factory Layout operation
Standard equipment : LCD touch panel

Main applications

Standard Equipment
Unwinding device in bucket-style
Edge-control device
Automatic pitcher elevation device
Material Cutting device
Storage-recorded of present spreading length
Material end detector
Ply counter
Rewinding function
Material setting bar

Zig-Zag spreading
One-Way spreading
LCD monitor

Suitable Material
Whole apparel material

Product features

Ridding of the wrinkles and loosening part of fabric/material

Electrical unwinding device in bucket-style ( Synchronized structure )
Fast correction for loosening or distortion part of fabric/material to perform spreading process with less loss

Simple setting procedures ; Easy for everyone to master

Equipped with LCD touch panel display
Spreading length, spreading pieces and all the spreading settings and so on is easy to mater and simple setting-layout display ( 6 phases )

Combination roller
( Optional )

While the fabric is feeding in , the Combination Roller is ridding of the wrinkles by stretching the fabric to the vertical direction.

Folding-line Cutting device

Cutting off both end parts while Zig-Zag spreading

Body specification



Working fabric Width

NK390VS-1:1350 mm
NK390VS-2:1600 mm
NK390VS-3:1750 mm
NK390VS-4:1950 mm
NK390VS-5:2050 mm
NK390VS-6:2150 mm
NK390VS-7:2250 mm

Fabric Table Width

Rail-less Spec.

 NK390VS-1:1610 mm
 NK390VS-2:1860 mm
 NK390VS-3:2010 mm
 NK390VS-4:2210 mm
 NK390VS-5:2310 mm
 NK390VS-6:2410 mm
 NK390VS-7:2510 mm

With Rail Spec.

 NK390VS-1:1580 mm
 NK390VS-2:1830 mm
 NK390VS-3:1980 mm
 NK390VS-4:2180 mm
 NK390VS-5:2280 mm
 NK390VS-6:2380 mm
 NK390VS-7:2480 mm

Operative speed

70 m / min (Max)

Max. layer height

One-Way spreading : 150mm
Zig-Zag spreading : 100mm

Max. material roll diameter

350 mm (Max)

Max.Material roll weight

40 kg (Max)

Power utility

AC 200V 15A 50/60 Hz

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