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Spreading machine


Spreading machine NK300SP

Highly capable in the spreading process for car seat , industrial material and so on.

Main applications

Standard equipment
Cutting device
Clamp catcher device
Accuracy of minimeter unit
Slant-laying spreading function
Mini marker device
Laminate sensor
Material loading device

One-way spreading
LCD monitor

Suitable material
Trim covers

Product features

Cutter unit

Because of catching the material correctly , it can perform the cutting process rightly.
Highly capable of cutting heavy-duty material.
Operative speed of the cutting head can be adjustable according to different kinds of material used.

Catcher unit

Because of catching the material correctly , it can perform highly accurate spreading process rightly.
Automatic elevation function for cutting device.


Slant-laying spreading function
Solution for loss of material
Minimizing the loss of material frame from cutting process by slant-laying spreading
Mini marker device
Upon finding of scratches or dirty marks , the area can be avoided by 1:10 Mini marker
Laminate sensor
Because of tracing on the borderline of material surface, mis-led to the urethane parts can be prevented.
Material loading device

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