Strength of


Kawakami works on custom-made (One-to-one service) to respond to customer's needs. Based on “ easy operative function ”,

we promote “Kawakami Total Produce” to get ourselves involved in creating values of customer’s Monozukuri by utilizing skills and experiences as a specialist in order

to address diversified issues such as “ operative- efficiency improvement program ” or “ arrangement of operative data management”.


custom-made system

KAWAKAMI custom-made system is for customizing the basic

machine designed for easy and safe operative to meet changing

customer's needs. machine designed for easy and safe operative

to meet changing customer's needs.


KAWAKAMI products with a good reputation in various fields

Kawakami has been gaining experience and performance in various fields not only in apparel industry

but also in other industries such as interior, automotive and medical industries as well.

Quick response

Quick response within 24hours.

Based on organized after-sales service network, Kawakami's technical staff with expertise and know-how provide quick and responsive support to customer's demand.

Next-day submission

KAWAKAMI partner lease credit

We can speedily address by replying to the audit for lease credit within the next day of application.

You can use our service with certainty from our proposal, quoting, to auditing process.

* Except special cases such as during our holidays or national holidays

* Our lease partner will address operative function after the audit completed.

We might not be able to respond to your request depending on the audit result.

Reliable supply

KAWAKAMI parts supply system

Our quick parts supply chain system encourages customers to use our products with certainty.

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