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Automatic spreading machine


Automatic spreading machine NK600SS

Equipped by Speed and Power :
All-round fully automatic machine

Main applications

Standard equipment
LCD touch panel
High-speed cutter device
Automatic catcher device / set
Material roll bar

Optional equipment
Attachment for face-to-face spreading folded material roll
Automatic material-setting device
Ridding of static-electricity device

Zig-Zag spreading
One-Way spreading
Face-to-face one-way spreading
LCD Monitor

Suitable material
Whole apparel material

Product features

Automatic spreading machine NK600SS Product features

LCD touch panel ; operative on panel

Necessary settings for spreading process : Spreading method, spreading length, spreading speed, ply number, pitcher-up setting and so on are conducted easily by touch panel.

Body specification

Max. material roll diameter


Max. layer height


Max.material roll weight


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